What is wellbeing?

Wellbeing is a crucial part of our lives as it is a state of our comfort, healthiness and happiness. We can all experience difficult situations in life and can become lost on how to deal with these situation, therefore it is important to take note of our wellbeing during these scenarios.

Emotional Wellbeing
Emotional wellbeing explores how we feel. Our emotions can create a negative or a positive environment for us therefore our emotions are very important. We must try to reflect on our emotions daily to ensure they are well. Counselling can be a helpful way to help you reflect, understand or explore emotions that may be causing you distress.

Mental Wellbeing
Mental Wellbeing explores how our minds feel. Our minds are like computers, they can be overloaded with too much information which can make the mind crash. Therefore it is important to filter useful information we need and to delete (or get rid of) useless information. We must make sure our minds do no become overworked as this can cause us unnecessary stress.

Physical Wellbeing
Physical Wellbeing is equally important as the other two wellbeing. Physical wellbeing can include doing some exercise and nutritional eating. Our bodies can build up pressure or become tense, however this is released when we do some physical movement or exercise. This can be a simple walk or an intense workout at the gym.