What is Counselling?

Counselling is a process which involves verbal communication between a client and a counsellor. There is no long term time limit but requires the client and counsellor to discuss issues that affect the client, in order to reach the root of the issue.


We have qualified, unqualified and also accredited counsellors who are in different stages of their careers. All counsellors receive supervision from a fully accredited supervisor and are supported with any issues. All counsellors are BACP registered and adhere to the BACP policy and procedures. This ensures a high quality of service and also ensures the counsellors are supported.


We provide 12 weeks of counselling and this is reviewed after 12 weeks and can also be extended for a long term plan. Each session lasts for 50 minutes and will take place once a week. If you are unable to attend after booking we require a 24 hour notification of cancellation or you may be charged for this session. We currently have no waiting list and aim to allocate counsellors as soon as possible to provide the fastest service. In order to maintain a high standard we also encourage feedback from you about the service, the counsellor and how we can improve.


We offer counselling at affordable prices compared to other counselling services. We specialise in providing a professional and ethical service, however we understand everyone’s situation is different and therefore our prices vary depending on your circumstances.


Counselling Issues Direct prioritises confidentiality and this is a very important part of our service. All counselling sessions are confidential and are not shared with anyone else, this gives you an open and safe space to discuss any issues without feeling judged or concerned about other people. The rare exception to confidentiality can be if you are in danger of self-harm or harm to others. Your counsellor then has a duty to share this information with their Supervision. This will be discussed with you first to ensure you are made aware. The Supervisor will also contact you to discuss this further. This is our duty as a BACP registered organisation and we also care for our clients and want to ensure their wellbeing and safety.

Data Protection

Date Protection is very important to every individual, therefore we take data protection very seriously and ensure all records, files and documents are kept in a locked cabinet. This information is only shared with Counselling Issues Direct employees who may need to access this information. Your personal information is not shared with anyone else.


We are actively against oppression and discrimination and do not tolerate this behaviour from our counsellors, clients or staff. We are against any form of discrimination against someone’s sex, race, nationality, ethnicity, disabilities, sexual orientation, age, religious beliefs, class, status, HIV status or those who have been in contact with mental health services. Our Non-Discrimination policy and also the BACP guidelines also ensure equality is strongly promoted and good practise is encouraged. Equality is extremely important at Counselling Issues Direct as we see everyone on their own path to growth. We see everyone as equal. No one is higher or lower, we are all simple one and all deserve the same respect, service, empathy, understanding and time.