“CID (Counselling Issues Direct) has helped me with my depression and anxiety. I have an ongoing stressful situation in my life and having a counsellor to discuss my problems with has been beneficial to me. CID has been teaching me other ways to care using positive reinforcement techniques. Having someone neutral to talk to and who also listens to me without having any kind of judgement has helped me to open up more about the way I have been feeling.
CID has given me the time that I need and hasn’t put a deadline on when I should feel better because as well as being professional and empthaising with my situation they haven’t compared what im going through to anyone else or tried to minimize my depression which has been a valuable experience for me.”
- KE -

“When I was going through relationship issues I wasn’t sure where I should go or who I should talk to, as my partner did not want to discuss things anymore with me. But coming to CID and receiving counselling has really opened up a new world to me where I was now being listened to, had my own space and was able to make sense of what was going on for me. I found the counselling very helpful and understanding. My counsellor was very nice and she understood what I was going through.”
- ME -

“I had never has counselling before so I wasn’t sure what to expect. I was a little anxious the first time I was going to tell a stranger my problems, but once we began to talk so much stuff came out there I never knew I had inside me. I began to understand a lot more about myself and the counselling service was really accommodating and helpful. My counsellor was really good and he listened to me properly, something that I had no experienced before. I recommend this service to anyone as it really helped me to understand myself and direction I need to go in.”
- DK -